InHome Gardening Products and Solutions

Welcome to InHome Gardening, your source for all your in-home gardening needs. Whether you’re a casual gardener wanting a quick and easy way to grow small vegetables, herbs or house plants, or you’re looking for a year ’round way to grow large vegetable or plants such as tomatoes, green peppers or large flowers, we have a solution for you.

Countertop Gardening

Our LED Mini Garden is the perfect countertop or tabletop solution for growing herbs, small vegetables, and house plants in your home or office. This attractive unit is compact, energy efficient, and can fit almost anywhere. You can have fresh vegetables or herbs at your fingertips all year long. And the LED Mini Garden promotes faster growth than natural daylight.


Serious Year ’round Gardening

Want to grow larger vegetables or plants? The AnywhereGarden in a complete indoor Deep Water Culture solution for anyone wanting a year ’round source of fresh vegetables, herbs or flowers, with no dirt, no insects, no disease, and no bad weather (details). Just add seeds of your choice, water and fertilizer, and watch your Anywhere Garden grow!



Every gardener needs proper tools. We offer a complete line of high quality pruners to meet every gardener’s pruning requirements.