Tucker’s Pride® LED Mini Garden

InHome Gardening for Kitchen, Home, or Office

Grow vegetables, herbs, house plants and flowers indoors, year ’round! The LED Mini Garden is perfect for lettuce or other small leafy vegetables, herbs, flowers and house plants. LED lighting is great for indoor plant growth, and promotes faster growth than daylight from your window. This attractive compact unit is easy to use, fits almost anywhere and consumes very little energy. Just plug it in, set the included timer, and you’re ready to go. The LED Mini Garden is the perfect addition to your kitchen or home.

  • Black anodized aluminum frame
  • Black acrylic base
  • Black acrylic tray
  • Lighting: 17w LEDs
  • 14.3″ wide, 15.4″ high, 7″ deep
  • Tray: 14.3″ wide, 7″ long
  • Bar height: 15.25″
  • Power usage: 17 watts

Each Box Contains:
  • Anodized aluminum frame with acrylic base plate
  • Attached aluminum LED light bar
  • Plant tray with convenient handles for easy handling
  • 24-hour timer to turn unit on and off to simulate daylight
  • 120V power cord

Enjoy these benefits:

  • Grow year ’round – no weather concerns
  • Convenience – fresh vegetables and herbs at your fingertips
  • Compact Mini Garden fits almost anywhere
  • Adds beauty with growing plants
  • Start seeds for Spring planting and Summer gardens
  • Decreased growing time

Fits anywhere…kitchen, home or office!


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